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About our association

We hit the ground running in 2011 and our nomadic team of around 30 trainers is now working in scores of schools, community centres and culture houses, as well as for private and corporate clients.

We are a non-profit organisation, gaining some of our resources from Finnish and EU funding sources such as Myrsky and the European Social Fund. The rest of our social circus projects are funded with money raised from private and corporate courses, events and performances.

Sirkus Magenta works to promote social inclusion, helping those most in need seize centre stage in their own lives.

By learning juggling, acrobatics, clownery and more, self-confidence, communication skills and physical fitness grow alongside trust – in oneself and others. Unlike everyday life, circus provides a safe environment in which to fail.

Magenta works with disabled children, youth at risk, families in crisis, refugees, the elderly and anyone at risk of social exclusion. Our special needs projects are supported by our numerous hobby groups for kids, adults, families and even baby circus, and we run circus team-building events for the workplace. Magenta also arranges professional performers or trainers for events – public, private or corporate.

Circus is about daring to fail, and being surprised by successes that are closer than we think. And there’s laughter every step (and stumble) along the way.

head stand competition

Young Syrian men in a headstanding competition at Za’atri refugeee camp, Jordan.

Forward in leaps and bounds

Our team of professional circus artists, youth workers and circus enthusiasts bring professional skills, energy and bucketloads of positivity wherever they go.

We believe in what we do and we know it changes lives for the better. We’ve gone from a team of one to a team of around 30 in the space of five years. Our work in Finland and abroad has gained international recognition in Time Magazine, the Guardian, on French national radio amongst many more.

Za’atri refugee camp

In 2013 Sirkus Magenta established a circus school with Finn Church Aid in Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan, funded by the Finnish Foreign Ministry. The project was showcased globally as part of the UN’s World Humanitarian Day. The circus school is now run by Syrian refugees and reaches a large amount young boys and girls weekly. Magenta’s trainers regurlarly visit the camp to support the local traineers.

International humanitarian work is something close to our hearts and we’re looking forward to developing more successful projects in the future.

Acirkaos Social Circus Seminar, Menorca 2012

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